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Ocean Floor Bracelet Set / Essential Oil Diffuser


Beautiful set of 3

jasper, rose gold plated, fossil stone, white lava* 8 mm gemstone beads
5 mm rose gold plate

Hand Strung

Essential Oil Diffusing - simply place a drop on one bead and let absorb. Reapply as needed.

Stones are natural and as such, gemstones may differ slightly from picture.

*White lava is porous to absorb the essential oil. as such, it is normal for it to get darker over time

Need help Choosing your wrist size?

Choose your size using the guide below. Need Help? Message me -

Small   - 7 inches -Most commercially made bracelets are made in this size

Medium   – 7 ¼ - 7 1/2 inches

Large - 7 ½ -7 3/4 inches

Extra Large  -  7 ¾ -  8 inches