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Men’a Jasper + Lava Adjustable Bracelet


Designed for the rugged man, this adjustable diffuser bracelet is hand-knotted using a double-stranding macrame knotting technique that provides more stability, structure, and durability than our standard knotted diffuser bracelet.   Our large fits most men’s sizes (7.5-8”) but we offer XL (8.5-9”) for the huskier man. 

This design features Kambaba, or Stromatolite Jasper found along the South African Rift that runs from South Africa to Madagascar.  

Lava Stone is the focal point of this design and provides a place for your essential oils to absorb and diffuse with wear.  We highly recommend a combo of cedar-wood + wild orange essential oils.

To use as a diffuser, rub a small amount of your favorite essential oil into the pores of the lava beads. Your oil will absorb and diffuse with your body heat throughout the day. Be sure to dilute essential oil if necessary. Clean with mild soapy water as needed.