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"LOVE IS NOT LINEAR" Iron on Patch!

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Promoting diversity, love and equality!

Thank you for supporting a small local artist / business! I am a ZERO WASTE Artist using my art as an awareness tool to promote body positivity and equality.


The thread of our patches has a slightly shimmery/glossy appearance. This allow the patch to appear slightly different depending on the lighting. In direct light the rainbow shimmers in colour almost like a metallic and out of direct light the colours can appear deeper in tone and less shimmery.

Width= 3 Inches (7.62 cms). Height= 2.25 Inches (5.71 cms)

These high quality patch designs are LGBTQI pride, unique and retro. Can be use on hats, jeans, jackets, bags, t-shirts, shoes, pillows, tote bags etc.


Denim, cotton, are most ideal fabrics for iron patches. Polyester garments can support an iron on patch, but you must use with caution when applying the iron, as it can easily cause burns or discoloration. Avoid delicate fabrics such as silk, lace as well as leather. For best results, use smooth, tightly-woven fabrics and standard knits. Remember to always check your garment first for instructions about ironing, the labels will indicate the garment's composition as well as the maximum iron heat you can use on the material.

I suggest placing a sheet of baking paper over the patch and area of fabric that will be in contact with the iron. This will protect the patch and the fabric! Press and hold the iron on top of the patch for ten seconds then remove (check if the patch has glued to the material). Continuing to iron over the patch (removing every ten seconds) until you feel it has completed attached. Remove and leave to cool!

For additional long lasting use, sew a few stitches on the edges of the patch. This will ensure over time a securer attachment and a "years to come permanency".