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Go with the Flow Bracelet / Essential Oil Diffuser


Go with the flow, follow the creek.

8mm Amazonite + Fossil + Lava

Hand Strung

Essential Oil Diffusing - simply place a drop on one bead and let absorb. Reapply as needed.

Stones are natural and as such, gemstones may differ slightly from picture.

If You Believe:

Fossil Stone / Riverstone / This form of limestone stone encourages you to go with the flow – to accept things as they are.  Useful for aura and energy work. Base Chakra *

Lava Rock / Lava rock is a very grounding and protecting stone, helping you to be courageous and strong. Used as a carrier for essential oil diffusing *

Amazonite  / My Favourite stone! this Feldspar Gemstone increases and channels all forms of prosperity, diffusing & reflecting EMFs, negative energy & negative vibrations *Throat Chakra*



 Choose your size using the guide below. Need Help? Message me -

Small   - 7 inches -Most commercially made bracelets are made in this size

Medium   – 7 ¼ - 7 1/2 inches

Large - 7 ½ -7 3/4 inches

Extra Large  -  7 ¾ -  8 inches