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Thank you for supporting a small local artist / business! I am a ZERO WASTE Artist using my art as an awareness tool to promote body positivity and equality.

Each Bunchie is handmade from 100% recycled material including the elastic inside! Every boob graphic is individually block printed onto each Bunchie with non-toxic water based fabric ink.

The pink Bunchie is naturally hand dyed by me with avocado food scraps. The avocado skin + seeds make a beautiful soft pink colour and offer a natural zero waste alternative to dying.

- Made with 100% recycled material
- Soft, light weight 
- Image colour is black
- Material white or naturally dyed pink
- High quality, stretch resistant elastic

Scrunchies elastic may feel quite tight but after a couple wears they will loosen up a little and then retain that same elasticity!

Thick Hair Friendly