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Why join

Why Join the Community?

Being an independent business owner is hard. We provide resources, tools and another online sales channel to grow your brand and sales.

Thousands of shoppers are looking online for your products everyday, they just don't know where to find them. We market directly to customers online and get your products in front of new eyes.

We're known to be the best. Our team only sells what we would use ourselves and our customers trust us because of it.

From social marketing, blogs, press releases and pop-ups, our marketing campaigns keep us - and by extension, you - in the public eye.

How the Marketplace Works

1. We list your business and products on our site.

2. We market your products to customers.

3. Customers find your products on our site and pay through our checkout.

4. We let you know an order was placed so you can fulfill their order.

5. You send the order items to the customer.

6. We pay you.


What We're Looking For

Products you have sourced, designed or created yourself. Stylish, unique and quality products with great photography. Sustainable, up-cycled, repurposed and hand created products.

What you can sell:
We sell everything from jewellery to homeware, beauty, accessories, apparel and more. We are always open to new product ideas and we're always looking to diversify our product mix. We work with independent designer-makers, designer-manufacturers and small boutique retailers.