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Potential Sellers

I am not a Canadian based business, can I still join?

Sadly, not yet. If you are located outside of Canada and are interested in selling with us, subscribe to our email list to know when we expand internationally!

If I fill out an application am I obligated to join? 

Not at all! Filling out an application introduces your business and gives you the proper information about working with us.

Do I have to pay an annual membership renewal fee or listing fees?  

No, we have a one-off joining fee to sell with us, and no charges to list products.

Why haven't I had a response to my application? 

Our team strives to contact businesses with 10 business days of submitting their application. If you submitted your application more than 10 days ago, please contact the team to enquire about the status.

Do I need to have professional images for my products to be accepted?

No. However, please bear in mind that clear, well lit photography does increase conversion rates on product listings.

How is shipping calculated? 

You choose a shipping method and prices per product to charge to the customer. You can also offer Free Shipping and opt in on store wide shipping promotions.

Sellers FAQ

How do I login to my ShopHamont Seller Account?

Click here to login to your ShopHamont seller account. You can also access the login from the main and footer navigation on the ShopHamont site.

When I try to access the Seller Login, it says "Session Expired"

If you are encountering this page:

The merchant shop name you need to enter is

Product Upload Page Explained

When you login to your Seller Dashboard you will have four menu items in the top navigation. The second option is a Products dropdown menu. Navigate to Products > Products Listings. On the page you will see a button labeled Add Product.

Here is a breakdown of the details on the Product Upload Page and the actions needed from the Seller during the upload process.

Product Name: The name of the product.

Product Type: The sub-category the product belongs to in the marketplace. The store has 5 Main Collections, Bath & Beauty, Jewellery & Accessories, Home & Living, Art & Collectibles, Clothing & Shoes. Under each of those Collections are sub-categories that are tracked by Product Type. So if you had an All Natural Face Serum, your product would be under Bath & Beauty > Face so the product type is Face. If your product does not fall into one of the sub-categories already on the marketplace navigation, please notify the ShopHamont team. Labelling the correct product type is extremely important so your products are displayed in the proper category.

Product Image: You can upload up to 5 images at a time. It is recommended that your images are clear and bright. Multiple product photos are recommended.

Description: The description is to educate shoppers on your products. If your product is a topical, it must list all the ingredients in the product. We encourage you to include LOTS of detail in your product descriptions. Including details like:
- What emotional need your product solves (candles relax stress and ease anxiety after a long day, luxury clothing makes you feel beautiful)
- The materials your product if made of
- The process of making your product
- Where your products are made
- How your products are sourced - are they sustainable? Highlight those features!
- Sizing details (VERY important)
- Who the product is made for
- Communities or collaboration partners that love the product

Collections: Collections are controlled by our team, you do not need to select anything in the dropdown menu.

Product Tags: Product tags are ONLY USED FOR SHIPPING. They are not used for search intent. You should only apply product tags to create your shipping rate for your product.

Weight: Since shipping labels are not purchased through ShopHamont and we don't charge weight based rates, inputting your products weight is not important.  

Requires Shipping: Please ensure this box is checked so that a shipping rate is charged on your product when it is purchased.

Title tag Meta Field: This is the search engine listing preview for your product page. Please do not input any data here.

Description tag meta field: This is the search engine listing preview for your product page. Please do not input any data here.

Price: The price for your product.

Compare At Price: The regular price for your product if your product is on sale. For example, if a product was $30 regularly and you put it on sale to $25, you would change the price to $25 and the compare at price to $30. If your product is not on sale, the compare at price should be blank or empty. Please do not put 0.00 as the compare at price.

Charge taxes on this product: Please ensure this box ix checked so that taxes are charged on every product.

SKU: SKU details do not need to be added for our tracking. If you would like to add them for your own sake, please do.

Barcode: Barcode details do not need to be added for our tracking. If you would like to add them for your own sake, please do.  

Track Inventory: You have the option to Track Inventory, or Not track Inventory. If you select Don't Track Inventory, the product listing will sell an infinite number of your listing. If you select Track This Product's Inventory, you may input the quantity you want to list on the site and decide if you want to allow customers to purchase the product when it is out of stock.

Variant Details: Variants are extensions to product listings that allow product pages to sell different variations of the same product or product set. To add a product variation click 'add variant'

Option Name: The option name is the name that describes the main difference between the products. For example, Cici's Raw Beauty sells Face Serum in two bottle sizes. So the Option Name is this case is, Size.

Option Value: The option value is the differentiating factor relating to the option name. So for Cici's Face Serum in two Sizes (Option Name), there is two Option Values, 30ml & 100ml.

It is possible to have multiple Options, for example if Cici wanted to add a new flavour of serum in both sizes, she could add a second Option Name of 'Flavour'.

She would then have four product variants listed. One in each size and colour. Each variant listing can be accessed to adjust the individual product details.

Be sure to press the big aqua SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the Add Product page.

Can I Bulk Upload Products?

If you have your own Shopify store, you can export a product csv from your Shopify account of the products you want to upload to our store and send it to our support team at
to upload for you.

How is Shipping Charged? 

As the seller, you set the shipping rate on each product by applying a product tag to indicate the price to the customer of shipping that product. Please be sure to apply the tag as a written out number and not as the numerical number. For example, if the shipping cost is $4, DO tag the product 'four' DO NOT tag the product '4'.

As the seller you receive 100% of the shipping cost paid by the customer. We transfer it to you with your product payouts.

How do I Make Changes to My Seller Profile? 

When you login to your Seller Dashboard, the fourth option in the navigation is Profile. By navigating to Profile > My Account you can edit the details of your customer facing Seller Profile.