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Shopify is Coming to Hamilton

Shopify is Coming to Hamilton

Shopify is Canada’s Tech star, founded in Ottawa in 2004 by an ambitious group that had a vision of making selling online easier for the everyday business owner. Today the company is a global commerce superpower. 

Powering businesses around the world, they currently employ a global support team that is committed to helping the business owners grow their businesses using the Shopify platform.

Today, multi-million dollar businesses use Shopify Plus to power their international retail businesses both online and in-person. However, despite their global success and expansion, Shopify has remained committed to helping small business owners grow too.  

For years Shopify Merchants (business owners using their software) have been leaning on Shopify’s renowned support team over the phone, by email and live chat. Their team help teach business owners the ins and outs of the software, acting as an educational support, guiding the business owner toward success. 

But now, Shopify is taking it a step further with Shopify Local. 

Starting this month, Shopify Local team member, Lindsay Zubrickas has taken residence at The Populace to offer 1:1 business coaching for Shopify Merchants as well as workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities for ALL business owners in the community. You can see what Shopify is up to in Hamilton by visiting - 

Lindsay’s first seminar is October 29th, starting at 6:00pm. Tickets are FREE and available on Eventbrite

Personally, as a Shopify Partner and Shopify Store Owner in Hamilton this is extremely exciting!

Shopify is a fantastic platform that allows small business owners, makers and artisans to streamline their admin and sales, allowing them to focus more on what they love doing - creating.  

If you are currently using Shopify or want to learn more - let us know! At Kased Communication we work with Shopify to migrate businesses onto the platform building customized, beautiful and robust websites. 

We’ll be at the seminar next Tuesday - will you? 

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