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How To Make A Logo You Love

How To Make A Logo You Love

Logos are difficult as a small business owner. The more you research, the more confused you can get. Different designers will convey the importance of different development methods and ideologies. But, let’s really think, what makes a Logo memorable? What takes it from being a drawing to a symbol representative of people, tangibility and your unique offerings? 

The answer? 


Like many other things in life, with Logo Creation, greatness is achieved through simplicity. Your logo should convey your brand clearly and simply. It should be versatile and adaptative, because in today’s world your going to be putting it everywhere. Your business will surely change and develop over the years as you respond to your market, so avoid being overly specific.  

& People. 

When designing a logo, who is making it matters. The deeper the designer understands the business, the more impactful the logo can be. For many small business owners, that person might be you! If you are making your own logo, try Shopify’s Logo Maker

However, if you’re like our team, logo design isn’t our strength and we are big believers in outsourcing what we’re not good at! 

So, we hired a designer named Marianne, from Visual Voice who immersed herself in our brand story and asked every question possible about the business! That’s how we knew she was the right one to work with. Through understanding our business and how we want to be represented, we were able to work with her collaboratively and find a logo we love! 

Marianne was awesome to work with - check out her agency at Visual Voice Visuals 

Tell us what you think of the logo and what your biggest challenge was when developing your logo in the comments!

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