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I am back with another skin review for you all! This time I am talking about my experience with The Clinica. I was introduced to them when I attended their media event held at Lena in downtown Toronto a few months back! 

The media event was such a great experience, I got to hear from The Clinica team about what makes them unique and innovative, over some yummy cocktails and goodies. 

We were given the opportunity to have our skin assessed by their skin assessment machine, and let me tell you this thing is no joke! This machine is kind of like an x-ray, It looks at all the levels of your epidermis, the outer most layer of your skin. What we can see with our eyes is just once piece of your skin’s story. What lies just under the surface can contribute to current and future skin issues. Using their skin assessment machine gives them a proactive approach to skincare rather than just covering up or addressing only what we can see visibly, they are able to create solutions to last you years rather than days. 

After your scan, they make a series of recommendations based on the scans for what ingredients they will use in your very own unique skincare treatment cocktail. They have over 15 contracted ingredients that target specific skin issues.  Mine focused on pore shrinking,skin-plumping, complexion boosters, skin protecting, brightening, ance fighting, and reforming and toning the skin! 

 So how did my skin fair? Well, let’s just say mine had a lot more going than I thought! But they also gave good news and really helped give me a good idea of not only what needs to be corrected, but what we can work on to prevent issues in the future. 


The treatment

First of all, the space is so gorgeous! I was greeted by my esthetician and she was so lovely and extremely knowledgable and talk me through the whole process, We began, as any facial would, with an assessment, cleanse, and then the fun part, the treatment! The application is done via micro-needling, this is the process of creating tiny tiny wounds or holes in the skin and using the needle to deliver the ingredients deep into the dermis to ensure they get into the skin and do their magic. Also, the tiny wounds trigger the release of our natural growth factor which promotes the growth of healthy new tissues. They also offer a bit of botox to be added into this treatment, the botox helps to regulate the oil production of your skin and can be very effective for those with acne! More on Botox for the skin here.

The applicator was similar to a stamp, that the esthetician pressed it into my skin and was sure to treat the whole face. It was a very quick application, I think the whole visit was about 45 minutes and then after she applied some serum and sunscreen, and then voila, we were on our way!

For myself the downtime was about two days, as the next day I noticed some tiny bumps on my skin and redness, it went down completely in two days at which point, I had the best skin of my life! My skin was plump, bright, and dewy without any cream, and my pores were tight! I was amazed by the results! 

I would strongly recommend drinking loads of water after and staying out of the sun for the first day or so! Keeping hydrated will definitely increase the results! As well as give your face time to heal if you do have sensitive skin!

This treatment was totally worth the drive out to the Yorkdale area, as this spa is on Young street close to Yorkdale Mall and although it can be pricy starting at $499 if you do have a special occasion I would definitely recommend trying this one out! 

I did receive a followup treatment a few weeks after, I had a power peel. Great easy treatment with no downtime and perfect for a touch up between treatments! 

Thank you again to The Clinica for this amazing treatment! 

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