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Self Care Sunday - Bend Yoga

Self Care Sunday - Bend Yoga

About a week ago, I ventured to Bend Yoga Studio for a Thai yoga massage! I love a good massage, so when the owner reached out to me about coming in to try it out, I jumped at the opportunity.

So what is Thai yoga massage? Well it is pretty much lazy yoga! The practitioner takes you though a series of yoga poses and stretches. This is done completely hands on, so you give up your entire body as you move through these poses. The practitioner also focus on pressure points throughout the body and energy alignment.

My practitioner, Leanne was so wonderful; she was so calming, she started with a few light stretches and as we progressed they got more intense but nothing crazy or uncomfortable at all! You really don't need to be flexible and I really thought it would be awkward having someone so close to me during a message, but I actually ended up being totally cool with it.

Bend has such a lovely space, it was so cozy and relaxing. The massage takes place on the ground so the practitioner can move you into the various positions so wearing comfortable clothing is a must. Your clothing remains on as well so thats also another benefit if your not comfortable with the fact that in more typical massages your clothing is removed.

At the end of the massage Leanne incorporated some energy work that felt amazing, like I cant even describe it but it was focused on the head and it was like this wonderful warming sensation I loved that and would love to look into some more energy work ! All in all I absolutely loved the entire massage from start to finish and I would defiantly recommend this massage to anyone at any age and there is defiantly no need to be a yogi to benefit from this massage.

What to bring:

  • water
  • loose fitting clothing
  • an open mind

I want to thank Bend Yoga for having me out! Keep your eyes peeled, I will be posting about a very intense spinning class that I took at Bend very soon.

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As always peace & love

The Hamilton Hippie 

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