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How you can support small business during COVID-19

How you can support small business during COVID-19

So the world has completely flipped on its head and as we enter into our second month of lockdown it may seem to many that this will never end! It is incredible that in our first year of business we are living through an unrepresented worldwide event. And like many small businesses, we are looking to adapt and predict what will come in the future. 

We also wanted to make sure that we were able to not only help ourselves but help others! We wanted to take a moment to show love to our fellow small business community by providing our community with some creative and simple ways to show support for your local business! 

One amazing way to help out a small business is through following, liking, or sharing a post on their social media. This helps a business to be found by more people, helps them build their own following and customer base, you can also help a friend find something that they might be looking for locally, and best of all its FREE!

Another way to support local businesses during this time is by looking to make your next purchase locally. This could be as simple as a birthday gift, a new face mask, or coffee! So many businesses are offering multiple ways to get their products, local pick up, dropoff, or walk-in. The best way to see what each business has going on is through their Instagram page or website. 

Eat local! So many local restaurants are still kicking, many have walk-in pick up or are now available on Uber eats etc. Restaurants have been offering a variety of services, some selling do it your self kits of some of there best-selling menu items and drinks, others sell produce, and others are pretty much full service.Many restaurants offer a variety of delivery options from curbside pick-up, walk-in, or dropoff. There are a wide variety of restaurants offering this, from brunch and coffee spots, food trucks, breweries, and catering favorites. So why not be a bit lazy now and again and order in!  Blend Catering is offering a weekly menu of 6 meals for $90! A perfect change up for those of us who are getting sick of our own cooking! Check out their Instagram here for more information!


Gift cards are another great way to support a business, this is great for spas and retail as well as restaurants. So why not treat yourself or give the gift of local that can be used in the future. 

Online services, many service-based industries are going digital and trying to offer services remotely. Many services in wellness, fitness, and health care are moving to the digital world to provide clients with as much help and resources to get through this time as they can. Here are a few creative ways these businesses are providing services digitally! Radiance Laser Clinic is offering two skincare collections online, you can check them out on their website here! Holistic Essential Remedies is also offering essential oil blends, body care products, and online holistic consultations at their website here. Our Friends at TriFit are also offering incredible (and painful, in the best way) online workouts, check out our post on their services here

As for the maker's community, many in-person markets are operating online markets, and makers have been offering incentives to shopping with them online. We on are offering 10% off and many makers are also offering free shipping and other deals and incentives to keep shopping with them! We hope you will take some time to check out what our incredible community of makers are up to! 

I hope everyone is staying happy healthy over these uncertain times, we are all in this together. 

Peace and Love 





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