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Hip Music - A Review of Canadian Music Festivals

Hip Music - A Review of Canadian Music Festivals

WayHome Musical Festival (July, Oro-Medonte, Ontario)  $$$$

I attended WayHome Music Festival in 2016!

It was a wicked experience and probably my favorite of all the festivals, I have attended thus far. It takes place at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. The weekend of our festival was great for weather, a bit on the hot side so I don’t know how the people staying in the on-site camping area survived. The camping area if you choose to stay on site is in a big field that has absolutely no shade. This is literally NOT COOL! I have no idea how those people survived the heat! We stayed at Oro Family Campground located across the street from the park! Great campground, we revamped a vintage camper and so we stayed in the camper area. Overall the facilities were decent, we were placed on a cute little sight complete with hydro and water with a few trees for shade and privacy. We were placed among the seasonal campers, they were lovely and we felt very safe and welcome. They even brought us over firewood and the owner was really really sweet! She showed us how to safely cross over as there is a highway between the site and the festival (so please follow instructions and be safe).

The festival itself was really cool, with banners and other decorations, it felt like we were at Coachella or something! There were vendors, drinks were not terribly overpriced either! and Loads of food options! Also, this festival was cash free, which I thought would be annoying but it was a great way to stay on a budget and great that you didn’t have to worry about having enough cash on hand or losing cash! You could load money onto your wristband chip via credit card and just tap to pay. The performances were amazing! Arcade Fire was probably the best concert I have been to, to date! Just a perfect weekend! I would definitely attend this festival again!

Check out more about Way Home here!

Field Trip (June, Fort York & Garrison Common, Toronto, Ontario) $$$$

I attended field trip in 2016!

This is a great, hassle-free festival to go too! We took the Go Train in and we loved this because we could plan to arrive for the performances we wanted to see each day! The festival had loads of vendors and food! which is a huge plus!

Location location! Fort York is right off Exhibition Station so we didn’t even have to go into the heart of downtown! The performances were amazing, Purity Ring was my favorite, the stage lights and her voice were just perfect!  Alabama Shakes was incredible! This festival also had a kids corner and felt like such a cozy and welcoming space! Perfect for all the mommas and papas! Only downside was we couldn’t bring our Furbaby! I found the ticket prices to be a bit steep especially if you are not on the Go Transit line and have to get a hotel, as hotels in Toronto can be pretty pricey!

Check out more about Field Trip here!

Osheaga Music and Arts Festival  (August, Montreal, Quebec ) $$$$

I love Montreal so any excuse to visit my favorite Canadian city will do! I attend Osheaga in 2014 and 2016.

The first visit was very interesting, two of the artists I really wanted to see pulled out that year! so that wasn’t the best start. The accommodations are hotel only so it can be a bit pricey because hotels in any major city are not cheap! We stayed at Sandman Hotels, I would not recommend this! They charged a huge deposit fee and they double book our room!

However! getting from the hotel to the event was a breeze! Montreal’s subway system is dope! The festival is massive and really cool! I felt like I was in the Scooby Doo live action movie (that island place)!

Located on an island, Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène is full of shady hangouts and cool little stage areas! Deffently a very cool vibe feels likes its own little world! The performances we did see were great! That same year’s lineup was packed with people that I wanted to see for so long and they were all pretty spread out so we didn’t have to make many compromises. There is sooo much to see and do in Montreal so it can be a bit hard to stay focused on the festival. I definitely went out and went pretty hard which can make for long days at the Festival and needless to say at the end of the weekend I was drained!

The second year I went no cancellations! So great start! We saved on hotel and stayed with friends so that was amazing! We definitely got a bit distracted from the music festival with going out and seeing the city so that was a bit of an issue on our part. Next time I would probably just try to decide on a day pass and spend the other days chilling around Montreal! The performances were great! We had a blast and we always get free stuff from promotions at this festival! Come on who doesn’t like a free stuff?!

All in all, I really do like the festival, but because it is so big and the city is distracting you really have to plan well and make it your own!

Check out more about Osheaga here!

Ottawa Blues Fest (July, Ottawa, Ontario)$$$

Ottawa is a beautiful city !! it is so clean and pretty and oh my gosh so proud that it is our nation’s capital because it makes us look soo good! I attend in 2016 with a day pass.

We went mainly to see the one and only Kanye West, and what a show! He may be a madman but he definitely knows how to put on a show! And he is so musically talented it is no wonder he’s a bit crazy.

There was a bit of a lag getting into the festival so that was annoying!  But once inside it was pretty organized and we enjoyed the shows we attended and had a really great time. Nothing fancy, I don’t remember too much of the venue itself honestly. The hotel we stayed in was Novotel Hotel and it was beautiful! So lovely and so was the city! Definitely wished we stayed for more than one night! The hotel was pricey, but the tickets were relatively cheap so it definitely balances out! Great food in the city and lots to look at and lots of shopping!

Would definitely attend this again!

Check out more about Ottawa Bluesfest here!

Sound of Music Festival (Burlington, Ontario) $

The Sound of Music Festival in Burlington Ontario has been a festival I have attended since I was very young and is the first music festival that I have ever attended!

Each year I had a blast! Because it is (mostly) a free event, it would get very very busy and always had a lot of young people but every year it provides a really great line-up with something for everyone! All the shops in the downtown stay open and have sidewalk deals and sales, vendors and food trucks come and can be a great family outing! Now they do a paid and a free weekend, this year I attended the free weekend but the show time for the band I wanted to see was switched without any notice, so we missed it! So that was kinda a bummer but I guess that’s the price you pay for a free show! All in all, I have loads of great, fun memories of when I attended in my youth!

Check out more about Sound of Music Festival here!

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