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Hip & Fit - Special Offer Included!

Hip & Fit - Special Offer Included!

I have some exciting news! So, as you all know I have been trying to work on my health and fitness over the past little while, and, although I have been met with a few ups and downs, I am back on top of things and have started to develop some sort of routine again! With that, I wanted to share some of my recent adventures in fitness, I have tried some new programs, classes, and even a meal plan, so let’s get into this!

For starters, I don’t think I have ever really shared my overall goals with you all! I think having a clear idea of what you want to achieve and being able to measure it is the best way to stay motivated and meet your goals! For myself, I would like to be more toned and fit overall (you know, not being out of breath after climbing a few flights of stairs). I plan to measure this in a few ways. One way is to measure my progress visually (the obvious; flat stomach, or abs definition, toned arms), the other is to make note of my clothing size (moving down a paint size or two would be very welcome), and third in my face, I’m hoping for better skin and more defined jawline. I don’t weigh myself because I think that’s silly as you can put on weight in muscle while losing fat, and judging by the scale you would have not met your goal! I don’t want to set myself up this way, I want to see the change on my body. 

I was originally trying to hit the gym, but it just did not work! So, I decided to start blogging about my experiences to keep myself motivated and trying new ways of working out (which did prove to be helpful)! But then life happened! And well fitness didn’t! But I’m BACK at it folks!

The first update I would like to share is my experience with Ritual Island, this fantastic health and wellness service founded by my friend Robin and her friend Emily, Ritual Island offers classes and workshops in Hamilton. Robin teaches pilates and yoga, I have been loving her R&B pilates classes at Sous Bas on Tuesday evenings! They are amazing and can definitely be challenging but really relaxing at the same time, it’s so unique I don’t know how else to explain it other than it’s like a massage and workout rolled up into one! Some of the moves work areas that I feel we never think about, and there is lots of stretching involved so it’s just amazing! Believe me, you’ve got to try this class out or any of her classes really!

I also have taken part in the 20 Day Good Body Feel Reset, this was a 20-day eating and workout plan that included a full 20 days of food from breakfast till dinner and everything in between, it was really great! I loved so many of the recipes, I will be using them forever now! Along with the meal plan, they also provided a series of online workout videos to work through at your own pace. They also had a Facebook group for coaching, questions, and updates. This reset was really fun and just a great overall experience. I definitely think this helped so much with my bloating and I feel glowing from the inside and out. My only criticisms/ issues I had with this was I think I would pay more for the program to include in-person workout classes because I suck at getting through the whole video without giving up or getting distracted. I also hate salads as a meal, they are just ughhh not for me, I mean maybe lunch but for dinner, I need some FOOD to get me through the evening! But thank you to Robin and Emily for making this happen and all for only 20 bucks!

Check out them for yourself here  

Another thing I have introduced is nightly fasting, this is a hard one but I will not eat in the evening. So for example, if I stop eating at 8pm then I will not eat again until 8am. I am trying this out so I will keep you posted on any positive changes as this goes. I have also introduced cutting coffee down to one coffee a day rule…( this is very very hard).  I am also taking probiotics again and supplements I am in a bit of a trial phase but once I am more organized I will get back to you all on the details.

I have also tried to introduce a reduced meat diet into my daily routine. I would like to eat only fish and veggies, but your girl loves her chicken!! So in the meantime it’s just less is more for meat and we shall see how she goes! I have also introduced changes to the amount of gains and starches in my diet, instead of having them make up 50% of my meal I am aiming for 25% and just upping the veggies!!

Lastly, I am striving to find a fun way to work out! I am finding this is KEY for me!  I am still trying to work in morning gym sessions but I am more focused on evening hiking, long walks, exploring my city by foot, bike rides, lake swims,  just anything and everything to be active now that the weather is warm.

On that note, I have a really sweet offer to share with you all! A very fun fitness event is being held in Muskoka and sounds like it is going to be an amazing weekend. They have class and fun outdoor fitness activities, food, drinks, games, and activities all in one cozy weekend retreat. Like summer camps for adults! I love Muskoka and I couldn’t think of a better way to help kick-start a fitness journey or reward a fitness milestone!

Prices range from $499-$549 for the weekend, this includes:

Unlimited Fitness classes taught by some of Toronto’s top instructors (from Studio Lagree, Elle Fitness, and Social, Studio KO etc.)

Unlimited Camp Activities like high ropes, archery, canoeing, kayaking Stand up paddle boarding etc. (all campers will build their own schedule a few weeks before camp)


group activities

2 night stay in cabins

all meals

evening drinks & more!

I have teamed up with the team to offer you all a 15% savings (use code CAMPHIPPIE )

if anyone is interested, and you can purchase tickets here and read up on more details!

But that’s it from me! I am so stoked to keep trying new fitness classes and trends and share with you all more about all things related to health and wellness!

Until next time

Peace & Love✌🏾





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