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Hip Fashion - 4 Innovative ways to use a Clutch

Hip Fashion - 4 Innovative ways to use a Clutch

If you are like me, you are constantly trying to cut down on the amount of “stuff” (particularly the amount of handbags) in your life! Navigating what should go and what should stay can be a bit tricky. Handbags, I find, are notorious for being an item most women get a bit carried away with, as they are not only a necessity for every day but can really make or break your outfit! However, the clutch, often an overlooked bag is packed with versatility making it the perfect minimalist accessory.

I recently received a PR package from Craftandian, which contained this beautiful clutch by the wonderful Bell & Whistle Boutique. This clutch exhibits amazing craftsmanship! The black and white design, with its gold accents, makes this bag perfect for both formal events as well as everyday use! I also love the front strap detail, it really adds to the versatility, and got me thinking of all the different ways that you could use this bag. So here are four ways to make use of your clutch!

              1. Makeup bag/travel

                One great way to make use of a clutch bag is to use it as a makeup bag! This bag is perfect to throw all of your holy grail products into, so you can just chuck it into your school bag, purse, or luggage, and boom all your makeup is safe, sound, and stylish! I love packing a little travel bag when I head to school or work every day. It is great to keep a bag full of things that make my day to day life better such as a roll-on oil for stress or anxiety, some lip bomb, wet wipes or sanitizer, and a nail file! It's like my own little “life” emergency kit!

              2. Pencil Case

                This would make for a great and stylish pencil case! I love having a bigger pencil case so I can store anything in it from my calculator and mini ruler to pencils and highlighters all in one bag so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind, especially when I need it most like for a big test! And it is great because you can fit your phone and lady products in it too!

              3. Wallet/Clutch

                This one is a bit more obvious, but they are great pieces for more formal nights out, like at a networking event, because you can fill them with your business cards and have easy access them to just throw them at people (lol)

              4. Tech-Bag

                I love having all my tech in one spot, I throw my headphones, Ipod, spare charger, and portable mouse all in one bag that I can just chuck into my backpack or computer bag and nothing get lost or left behind as I am always working on the go!

So there you have it! The sky is really the limit with what you can do with an amazing clutch like the one pictured above. The good news is that this Saturday you can pick up one for yourself at Craftian's Made in Hamilton Craft market at McMaster Innovation park this Saturday from 1-5! They will have so many goodies to pick up, I am so excited this is the perfect shopping destination to get quality local goods!

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