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Hip Eats - Vibez Caribbean  Restaurant

Hip Eats - Vibez Caribbean Restaurant

I am back with another amazing culinary experience for you all! Being half Jamaican I am a lover of Caribbean food! And I am thrilled to welcome Vibez Caribbean food to the Hamilton community! This Southern, Caribbean fusion spot recently opened on King St E, and is neighbor to another favorite spot of mine Capitol Bar.

The Resturant

This restaurant is so welcoming, with its rustic and cozy island “vibez”, its trendy chalk walls with beautiful artwork drawn on them, and tables where you can leave kind messages in chalk, gives a very laid back, and cozy feel! A perfect fit with Hamilton’s rustic and artistic charm.

The Food

Now let’s get into the good stuff! The menu is divided into a Southern menu and a Caribbean menu, you can find all the Caribbean classics including jerk chicken, oxtail, roti as well as amazing southern classics like chicken and waffles, fried chicken and mac and cheese. We have tried out (so far) two entries from each of the two menus. We ordered the chicken and waffles, and jerk chicken on our most recent visit.

The chicken and waffles are simply amazing! The fried chicken is moist on the inside yet crispy on the outside, it is perfectly coated and seasoned! the waffles are sweet and fluffy with notes of vanilla. It also comes in a generous portion with about 3 big pieces of chicken and a full waffle. It is served with a spicy mayo and a classic maple syrup! I love the different elements of this dish the soft waffles with the crispy chicken and the sweet syrup. I know it seems strange but if you have a sweet tooth this is the meal for you!

From the Caribbean menu we tried out a classic, jerk chicken, this combo comes with rice and peas (rice with kidney beans), and your choice of the second side. We choose the mac and cheese ( I couldn’t eat it but my partner said it was fantastic!). What we loved about the jerk chicken was that it had a good kick of heat,  but it also had a sweet component, something a lot of jerk dishes we have tried miss! The chicken is sooo incredibly tender and, again great portions! These meals were around 14 dollars each, which for the freshness, and portion sizes I think are a great value!

They also make the most amazing in-house desserts! I haven’t had one yet but OMG they look delicious! They have so many different desserts including tarts, cakes, coffee ( the iced coconut coffee sounds amazing!) and much more!

I would highly recommend checking out this amazing spot! The staff are so friendly and the service is great!  I will definitely be returning to try out some more dishes and treats! Let me know what you think in the comments if you pop by!


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