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Hip Eats - Bean Bar Review

Hip Eats - Bean Bar Review

I am back with a long overdue Hip Eats review for all of you of a long-standing Westdale restaurant Bean Bar! Located in the heart of Hamilton’s cozy university village is celebrating 25 years of business! They kindly invited my partner and I for lunch to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

We headed in a few weeks back and were warmly welcomed by the staff, and sat near the window against the amazing painted mural. I just love how warm and cozy this restaurant feels, it has a real city bistro vibe to it! It is a space perfect for all sorts of occasions and people of all ages.

bean bar

As usual, we were starved, so we got to ordering pretty quickly! I ordered the sweet potato ravioli but instead of the artichoke sauce and tzatziki, I opted for a marinara sauce, as I am lactose intolerant. My partner ordered the breakfast burger, which is the house burger topped with bacon, mixed cheese, and a fried egg. The ravioli was so yummy, it's so sweet and fluffy and a really enjoyable and filling dish, as for the burger, for starters it looked amazing! And tasted really great, a well-seasoned patty, great cheese, and who doesn't love eggs on a burger! To drink we ordered cherry and orange Italian sodas, they were so refreshing and delicious, they had the right proportion of ice to soda and syrup! The cherry flour was so delicious! I think next time I would go for the burger, or a sandwich (they all sound amazing) And if you're in for dinner, I have had the steak with mushrooms before and their sauteed mushrooms are delicious!!!

To finish off we got a slice of chocolate cake, I've been really into chocolate cake lately. Now you may not know this, but since I can remember, Bean Bar has always had this amazing dessert selection. It’s incredible! if you have a cake craving then this is the place to get your fix. They have so many to choose from, and they are always so fresh, big and delicious. They also stock Donut Monster Yall!

So be sure to show them some love by popping by the restaurant! I love seeing Hamilton businesses thrive over generations and I hope they continue to have success!

I would like to thank the Bean Bar team for having us out for a lovely and delicious afternoon!

Peace & Love

The Hamilton Hippie✌🏾♥️

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