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5 Low Waste Kitchen Essentials

5 Low Waste Kitchen Essentials

It’s been our team's mission to reduce our impact by reducing our waste. Personally, I live in an apartment building and getting rid of my trash is as easy as walking down the hall and dropping it down a chute behind a door twenty feet from my home. So, I didn’t really notice how often I was taking out my kitchen waste. Once I started paying attention, I was embarrassed. Kitchen waste is so easy to accumulate, and every little habit usually has some sort of consumption involved. 

These are five products that have helped me change some simple habits like cleaning up my spills, carrying my snacks, sippin my smoothies and making my morning drinks to zero waste! My favorite 

1. Cloth Paper Towels - $25 

Reroll paper towels

By Rhymes With Orange 

Flannel cotton, super absorbent and such a deal! 12 towels for $25. Each towel is 12x12. The material makes them easy to wrap around your paper towel roll.

2. Reusable Snack Bags - $8 

reusable snack bags

By Rhymes With Orange 

Washable food safe fabric snack pouches in cute patterns! Buh-bye plastic zip bags. 

3. Copper Straws - $5 

By SariKNOTSari 

Beautiful, durable and practical, I recommend grabbing a straw cleaner too. I use these everyday for my smoothies. 

4. Reusable Coffee Filters - $4 

By Rhymes With Orange 

Many tea and coffee filters are releasing tiny micro plastics into your favourite cup when steeped in hot water. By using these reusable filters, not only are you saving on waste, you are preventing those micro plastics from entering your body. Win for mother earth! Win for you!

5. Reusable Tea Bags - $12 

By Rhymes With Orange 

Same with the coffee filters, ditch the micro plastics in single use tea bags and use these with your favorite loose leaf tea. 

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