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36 hours in Buffalo with Visit Buffalo Niagara

36 hours in Buffalo with Visit Buffalo Niagara

This August, we were lucky enough to be invited to spend 36 hours in Buffalo, by Visit Buffalo Niagara. 

We packed up our car, drove across the peace bridge, and were in buffalo within an hour. When we arrived in Buffalo, we were met by Karen, the director of marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara. She took us to the Five Points Bakery and Toast Cafe, a wonderful spot in Buffalo’s lower west side, focusing on making whole grain bread, all produced with local grains, stone-ground daily right at the bakery, accented with local honey, eggs, milk, fruits, and so much more. We had a wonderful breakfast, complete with delicious iced coffees on their picturesque patio, got in Karen’s car and were treated to a wonderful driving tour of Buffalo. During this tour, I realized how rich the city’s history is, quite literally, Buffalo used to be home to more millionaires per capita than any other city in the united states, and it really shows in both the residential and urban architecture. There are some truly breathtaking buildings by renowned architects throughout buffalo. 

When we had finished our driving tour, Karen dropped us back off at our hotel, the Hampton Inn and Suites Buffalo Downtown, this hotel was centrally located in Buffalo’s Theatre District. There are so many restaurants, coffee spots, and shops so close to it! It is also just a short walk from the bustling Allentown district.


Once we had settled in, we took a trip down to Buffalo Riverworks, this entertainment complex is a repurposed industrial site. It is set right along the Buffalo River, this space has a live music venue, ziplines, a ropes course, rock climbing, as well as a restaurant with a waterfront patio. We decided that we would tackle the ropes course, a sort of aerial obstacle course, which, despite my fear of heights, was very fun! We then grabbed a drink on the waterfront patio and enjoyed the musical entertainment, before heading down to the canalside boardwalk. 

The canalside boardwalk is a thriving area on the shores of the Buffalo River, it hosts many events throughout the year, and is host to many markets and events. It is also home to Buffalo Water Bike Rentals, we rented two water bikes and pedaled down the river. I have to say, operating the water bike felt very awkward at first, but after about 5 minutes, I got the hang of it and we were biking down the canal in no time! 

After we had finished at canalside, we headed to The Pearl Street Grill and Brewery for dinner and a drink. This place is huge! It had several floors and a tiered patio, decorated with so many beautiful flower arrangements! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel room to freshen up, and then it was back out to check out some of Buffalo’s nightlife.

We headed down to the Allentown district, this hip area has many restaurants, bars, and shops. Being evening time, most of the shops were closed, but the restaurants and bars were bustling! We stopped into Allen Burger Venture to have a nightcap and a late-night snack, and let me tell you, this place is super cool! It has a rustic interior and a gorgeous patio, and as well as their burgers, their chicken wings are outstanding!

The next day, we packed our bags, loaded up the car, and headed to Remedy House, a gorgeous cafe with ample patio seating, for a coffee and a quick bite to eat. We then headed to Martin House Museum, Martin House is a residential complex, built by renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, for wealthy Buffalo businessman Darwin D. Martin and his family between 1903-1905. This residential complex is truly amazing, it kind of reminds me of the house from the Brady Bunch, it is incredible that this 114-year-old house can seem so modern! It clearly inspired many mid-century architects and had a large impact on 1970s suburban architecture!

After this tour, we headed to the Albright Knox Museum, a 150-year-old art gallery in downtown Buffalo. This museum had many incredible art pieces, including pieces by Jackson Pollok, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and so many more! The architecture of this museum and its location, right across from Delaware Park make this a breathtaking location! 

After our tour of the gallery, we hopped in the car and headed back to hamilton! We had such a wonderful time in Buffalo, and will definitely be returning! For more information on visiting Buffalo, head on over to Visit Buffalo Niagara’s website here!  

Check out our 36 Hours in Buffalo Vlog below!

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